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Romantic love in the Japanese Culture

The Japanese express love quite differently from the Western world. Westerners have no

compunction, being affectionate in public and sharing more early proclamations of love.

While Japanese cultures feel passionate in romantic relationships, public displays of affection are frowned upon. Holding hands or kissing is not common, however the Japanese express themselves through their own customs and traditions.

The Japanese begin by feeling "I like you or Suki desuka" however it is not directly said. This is the beginning of consistent actions building on the message from like to love. Actions or fugenjikko is a belief that actions speak louder than words; meaningful gifts, time together and thoughtful communication are carefully constructed to ensure confidence in each other.

Kokuhaku is a Japanese ritual or confession of love which indicates serious love. The couple becomes open with their thoughts and feelings. They officially become a couple. Kokuhaku is built on a carefully planned foundation of like and mutual attraction. Now the couple can explore the deeper aspects of each other's feelings, build on trust and grow in solid friendship from romance and marriage. When "I love you or Aishiteru" is felt this is the most serious declaration of commitment.

Japan has straightforward rules for dating and love that assures each person what they can expect. Westerners have many forms of romantic relationships more open for interpretation.

COREJapan coaches couples keeping in mind important Japanese traditions and views. We allow individual needs and interests to be mapped out for the greater good of the couple. Your beginning as friends and now a couple is examined and carefully considered to increase your potential as a couple; we define goals specifically for you.

Who are you as individuals? Who are you as a couple? What traditions and structure are important to you in your Japanese culture? How can Western thought enhance or compliment tradition?

COREJapan looks forward to honoring you as a couple and working with you on your journey as a family!

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