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Ikigai: A Reason For Being

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Ikigai is an ancient Japanese concept that every culture can embrace for

a fulfilling life, full of purpose and meaning. Ikigai is what brings you value, intrinsic meaning and joy in all areas of life; it's your personal treasure map. There is no other word like it!

Iki means life and gai means purpose. It is fluid and dynamic Ikigai is to create, to delight, to serve, to nourish, to teach and to build.

Ikigai is a fascinating complex concept to be explored throughout one's life. This blog discusses basic spheres of Ikigai, which are Japanese and Western conceptualizations: What you love, What you excel at, What the world needs and What you get paid for. Ikigai is also about who you want to become, and does not have to include a profession. This is the beginning of how you shape and feel your Ikigai, your personal blueprint that puts you in the flow of life.

As your coach, we will delve deeply into these spheres and take the time to reflect on what you really love, exploring examples in your past that brought you joy and fulfillment. What makes you feel alive, whole and uniquely you? What are your talents and capabilities? How have you used them in your life? What steps, rituals and repetitive actions are needed to increase and harmonize with these spheres?

I believe in spending a lot of time exploring what you truly love, and how you feel with each movement of your life, which can be traced back to childhood. Together we experience your passion as you share what lights you up, moves you and helps you embrace life to the fullest. What words, feelings, and images matter to you?

If you're not engaged in what you love, let's explore, without judgment, obstacles that are holding you back. How did you make choices which do not align with your heart's desires? How did you stray from embracing your Ikigai? How can we get back on track?

Sometimes, we are not clear how to use our skills to do what we love. Let's define your skills and how you can use them to do what you love, even if it's part-time at first! Perhaps you are using your skills, however not engaged in work that truly feels supportive of your mission, goals or dreams. How can we change that together? What industry is important to you to use your skills and abilities? What does the world need? How can you generate income congruent with your Ikigai?

We also explore personal fulfillment in relationships and find a greater purpose as a family or business. Ikigai is the reason for being and what makes life worthwhile. A fresh cup of tea wrapped in your favorite blanket, and cherishing the sunrise is all part of Ikigai. Let's incorporate everything that matters to you and strengthen your reason for being.

My purpose is to help you achieve a connection with your personal Ikigai. After all, there is no person like you! You will create a life that no other person can express, live or have in the world!

It is my honor to delve deeply into all areas of life that matter to you for the creation of Ikigai. Step by step, we will get there and watch you soar to achieve your goals!

Ikigai is an active entity that changes with the flow of time. I am here to create, fine-tune and examine your Ikigai for your best life!

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Unknown member
Sep 01, 2023

Love this post! I am a lay person who isn't particularly familiar with Ikigai and found the post very informative.

Replying to

Thank you for visiting COREJapan and reading my blog, Jose! I'm so glad you found my post informative. Please contact me at to learn more!

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