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Harmony (Wa) in Conflict Resolution

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Communication is basic to relationships. Communciation literally means, "to make common." It is the process of interacting, creating and negotiating meaning. Your relationship with communication, for the greater good, is critical for effective living. Harmony or Wa is peaceful unity and conformity, more important than personal interest, that is intrinsic to Japanese culture.

Your feelings, thoughts, communication style, family of origin, gender and culture all affect your communication. Misunderstood communication can lead to problems, including conflicts. Conflict, itself, is not the problem. Conflict can transform the relationship if you examine the core and untangle the knot with curiosity, not judgment. COREJapan honors harmony or Wa when sorting out conflict.

When a person becomes angry or rageful with you, have you thought about what that person needs? Actually, that person is not able to process their emotions or pain in a healthy manner. This can be a result of deeper emotional wounding. As your conflict communication strategist, I can help both parties equally be heard in a safe environment honoring Wa.

Most people are challenged to self-regulate when they are angry and then lash out. Anger can be a deflection of old pain and inner wounds that are unresolved. It's difficult to hold this pain in and regulate your emotions. Unresolved issues such as abandonment, and shame, along with feelings of rejection and unworthiness cause outbursts. Anger is an emotion that indicates deeper issues to be healed and expressed.

Displaying intense emotions can be uncomfortable. As your coach, we can explore how to navigate conflict and express your emotions and thoughts as a clue for a deeper understanding. This process promotes harmony and resolves conflict with dignity and respect. With tools used in Western and Eastern cultures, we can take apart the entangled emotional communication so it will become smooth and clear in a safe way for you. This will restore a harmonious feeling or Wa, vital to the collective well-being.

The Japanese learn to distinguish the emotion they feel and how it influences the outside world. This sensitivity will be honored as we resolve conflicts and see the whole picture with the goal of harmony (Wa). This is an intrinsic need for the continuation of a harmonious relationship and community.

Let's work together and approach conflict safely with the concept of Wa. There is no conflict too small to bring to COREJapan; we value what is important to your well-being and restoration!

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