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Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

How does culture interact with common communication? So much of our everyday

communication, social interactions and daily exchanges are exploding with cultural differences and misunderstandings. Yet, there is richness in difference. Exploring cross-cultural communication, harmony and mutual respect can grow instead of mistrust and alienation.

In the world of business, these interchanges are minefields yielding irritations and confusion which create anxiety, hostility and separation. In the workplace, these differences undermine communication and threaten business relationships. The strain can be seen in personal relationships as well, causing tension and friction that promises anger and blame.

Whether you are losing money in business, or experiencing tension in your personal relationships, unaware cultural exchanges take place and shape either a strong relationship or discouraging discord.

It is vital to learn the study of verbal and non-verbal communication and how it takes place in your life and work. How does this take place with different backgrounds, geography and cultures in your workplace and relationships?

To create a positive work culture, cross-cultural couple or personal relationship, I assist you in focusing on the language, cultural norms, age, education and business communication style most appropriate for your situation.

We also look at the causes of miscommunication in cross-cultural exchanges. Those are assumptions of similarities, language differences, stereotypes, tendency to evaluate, and high anxiety.

I invite you to reflect on your own culture and self-evaluate in order to increase your awareness and bias. We investigate cultural attributes such as gender roles, personal space, body language, greetings and much more. How does this all play a role in your interactions? How can we redefine and change your experience of cross-cultural communication? Let's change the dynamics, together for the outcome you desire!

I encourage you to ask questions as you learn more deeply about your culture and the culture(s) of your choosing. It is an exciting adventure to define cultural strengths among the differences that create a whole new terrain of dynamic communication.

Coaching with COREJapan will deepen cross-cultural communication appreciation and respect like never before. You will have new skills and insight with a toolbox ready for social cohesion to flourish in business or your personal life!

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